Upcoming and recent events

Upcoming Events

Sunday, March 15th – A General Body Meeting is scheduled

Recent Events

Christmas Service

at 7pm December 24th, Tuesday

Christmas Carols

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“Happy Birthday to our beloved Mathews Achen”

Thanksgiving gathering at SBGOC

GROW (Women’s Fellowship Event)

– All young women (mothers and their daughters) are encouraged to attend

General Body Meeting

– This Sunday after lunch we will have a GB to elect our 2020 Church Managing Committee (CMC)


November 16th, Saturday – 2:00 PM EST

Sunday School Diocesan Competition

Group 3
Mathew Issac has 1st prize in English solo song
Group 4
Hannah Kunjumon 1st prize in Malayalam solo song
Hannah Kunjumon 2nd prize in Malayalam elocution
Group 5
Sarah Thomas 3rd prize in English elocution

Parumala Perunal

Saturday Nov 2nd Evening Prayer