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MGOCSM Updates and News

MGOCSM Diocesan Thanksgiving Conference

MGOCSMNE is excited to announce One Day Conference 2023 for MGOCSM and FOCUS Members of the Northeast American Diocese. It will be a great opportunity to explore the topic: “Our Identity in Christ: Healing the Illnesses of the Soul: Explorations in Health, Gender, and Sexuality.” This year were are blessed with our speaker Dn. Sampson…

MGOCSM Back To School Retreat – Sept 9th

MGOCSM BACK TO SCHOOL RETREAT IS SCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th. Pradeep Semassen is the speaker. All youth from middle school to high school are encouraged to attend. If you need a ride, please let Sophia know.

MGOCSM Alumni Gala

SAVE THE DATE! MGOCSMNE is excited to announce our first ever Gala & Reunion on Saturday, October 14th at the beautiful Barnyard Carriage & House in New Jersey! Join us as we celebrate the past #MGOCSM leaders of our Church in North America, especially the #NEAmericanDiocese! A great opportunity to reconnect with old friends from…


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MGOCSM AND GROW Events after General Body this Sunday. MGOCSM Young Men will be service at the local Salvation Army Soup Kitchen from 2pm to 4pm this Sunday

Bible Study

MGOCSM will have a Bible Study at our church starting at 4pm.  Bobby Achen and Vijay Achen will be leading the Bible study.  There will be evening prayer at 6pm. All are welcome for the evening prayer. Please make sure to bring middle school, high school, and college youth to the Bible Study. If rides are needed, please let Robin Raju, Appu, Angel, or Vijay Achen know. 

MGOCSM NJSI – Camp Lahmo 2019


MGOCSM Area Camp at Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center


Aug 2nd evening – 4th noon


Address for the Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center1000 Seminary Road
Dalton, PA 19026

MGOCM Mission Coffeehouse held at SBGOC

Evening Prayer 5pm
Christian Music Concert 6pm

We have a professional Christian Band coming to perform some Christian songs. We have skits and videos prepared by our MGOCSM. It will be a good night for everyone – adults, youth, and children!

Tickets: $10 (includes dinner)

There will be a bake sale and any donations are welcome.

All the profit from this show is going to help the MGOCSM Mission Program, which sends youth in our diocese to Mission Centers here and in India to serve during their school breaks.


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