Food Pantry – List of Items

We need to assemble at least 100 food packages that include the following 10 items by December 12th in order to start the food pantry.

We will give further directions about assembling the food packages. We are planning to put them together in plastic bags.

The brand name is not important but please match the right quantity.

ItemFoodSizeBrand or Equal
1Rice 2lbUncle Ben’s 
2Beans 15.5 OzGoya 
3Pasta 16 OzBarilla 
4Tomato Sauce 15 Oz Hunt’s 
5Macaroni & Cheese 7.25 OzKraft 
6Oatmeal 18 OzQuaker Oats
7Cereal 8.9 OzCheerios 
8Soup 10.75 OzCampbell 
9Mashed Potatoes13.75 OzIdaho 
10Peanut Butter 16.3 OzSkippy

Here is some sample pricing from ShopRite:

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