Sunday School Corner

Congratulations to our Quiz Team! Sean John, Aaron John, Jason Eapen you studied the Acts of the Apostles hard and represented our church well. We were one of 7 teams who won Silver/2nd place in the diocese. Thank you to Suma Kunjumon who wrote an incredible test bank of questions to study from. Thank you to Snehel Kunjumon who helped with technical sessions and helped support the quiz competition. If you are interested in helping in 2024, please let the SS ADMIN team know.

Ready to showcase your talent? Please prepare solo or group performance(s) for SBGOC family night on November 12th.

Our 2023 diocesan level assigned competition winners and group quiz winners will receive their awards on October 28th at the Talent Fest in Philadelphia.

The group song competition at the Talent Fest will be judged based on a tiered system. Wishing our young singers the best. Pray for them as they travel with their parents to Philadelphia on Oct 28.

Alexa & Zach Thomas, Ethan and Emma Vijay, Chris and Hazel Heby, Kristine Binu, Eva Abraham, Sarah Mathai and their teachers, Gerin Abraham and Roshney Issac.