MMVS Updates – October 7, 2023

MMVS Updates:

Diocesan Charity Raffle:
Thank you to 47 generous families, who contributed to the diocesan charity raffle.
Raffle drawing results is scheduled to take place during the upcoming MMVS conference on October 14th. A special shout-out goes to the MMVS team – Valsa Manayath, Vinita Alex, and Shiny Arun – for ensuring smooth sale of raffle tickets.

Friday Noon Prayer:
Our MMVS hosted the Friday noon prayer on October 6th. The sermon delivered by Vijay Achen on “Faith and Worry,” drawing inspiration from Gideon’s story, was a rejuvenating experience. For those who missed it, you can catch the replay on our YouTube channel [].

Chain Bible Reading:
On the same day, October 6th, a group of 14 dedicated readers completed the Bible reading from 1 Kings to 2 Chronicles. A special recognition goes to Mia John, our youngest reader, for participating and conquering the difficult passage from 1Chronicles 11:26 onwards (try it, you will understand the challenge).

Thank you to all participants for their commendable dedication in representing our parish. Last, but not least, thank you, Valsa Manayath for ensuring all these events will go without a hitch.