MMVS Updates

Women’s Fellowship Corner

October 6th: Save the Date
Join us virtually for two inspiring MMVS events:

  • Fasting Prayer at Noon: This Diocese-level weekly event draws over 100 participants and offers a meaningful opportunity to connect with your faith. You can even participate by singing or reading a prayer. Our own Vijay Achen, will guide this special prayer.
  • Chain Bible Reading from 3 PM to 10 PM: As part of a regional-level initiative running from October 2nd to 11th, our churches are coming together to read Bible in half an hour slots. Our reading slot is on October 6th. It’s a family-friendly event, open to all generations – grandparents, parents, and children. You can read or simply listen, and you’re welcome to use either English or Malayalam.
    Don’t miss this chance to strengthen your spiritual journey and connect with your community. To get involved, please reach out to Valsa Manayath or Sheeba Mani. We look forward to your participation and the collective power of our faith.

October 14th: MMVS Annual Conference
This year, the event will be hosted at the St. Thomas Unruh Church in Philadelphia. The flyer with more details is included. If interested, please reach out to Sheeba Mani, before October 5th.