MMVS Corner

Diocesan MMVS Bible Quiz:
Our church participated in the NEAD annual bible quiz competition held on September 16th at St Thomas Orthodox Church in Levittown, NY.
There were 29 plus teams across the North East and Canada region that chose to participant in this event. Teams had up to 10 participants in each group, ours being the smallest with 3 women (one participant fell sick).

As the the quiz team lead Shiny Arun referenced the quote, “Participation is the best method of education.” It was never about winning, but participating in a church community event and eventually learning biblical history and facts. This was a high energy event with women of all age groups actively studying and promoting camaraderie. It was a wonderful opportunity to those women, who are usually hidden and offstage, to showcase their skills and talents.
We urge everyone to look into these events in future to promote learning, understanding and sisterhood.

Diocese Charity with Raffle:

If you have taken the raffle ticket, please take this as a reminder to pay it off by this Sunday (Sep 24th). Diocesan leadership will be collecting it by end of September.