Sunday School Corner – June 12

I am grateful to all of the teachers who were thoughtful in preparing lesson plans, engaging our children and teaching them every Sunday.

In my rush to distribute icons after church last Sunday, I missed recognizing many of you, that played an important role in keeping our Sunday school going:

Dibi Varghese for special programs
Pamela Cherian for Special Programs
Anu Mathew for Special Programs
Suma Kunjumon for Special Programs ( Group Quiz)
Roshney Isaac for Special Programs (Group Song)
Gerin Abraham for Special Programs (Group Song)

Substitute teachers: Rosily, Asha Vijay, Biji Iype, Smitha Mathew, Daya, Valsa Manayath, Issac Manayath, Vinitha Alex, Joyce Raju, Santhosh Thomas, Anne Mathew, Philip Joshua

Primary Teachers:
PK: Co-teachers Roshney Isaac and Neha Jacob
K: Feby Sony
1st: Vineetha Alias
2nd: Sherin Heby
3rd: Jeremy Mathews
4th: Shinu Varghese
5th: Shiji Binu
6th: Bindu Abraham
7th: Nancy Nair
8th: Co-teachers Vijay Achen and Jolly Binu
9th: Bincy Kochamma
10th: Gerin Abraham
11th: Sony George
12th: Varughese Mathew

Thank you again. We will need your help again to ensure the success of our Sunday school.

Congratulations to Chris Heby for having his drawing selected to be the OVBS song book cover. (See image below)

Congratulations to all the children that worked so hard and studied for the preliminary exam. Our core team:
Sean John , Jason Eapen , Aaron John
Alternate: Alan Mathew

Do you have a talent that you would like to share ? Do you sing, dance or act? Please mark your calendars for October 28th for our NEAD talent show to be held at St Thomas in Philadelphia. See attachment for details.

We have started a list for a group of children interested in performing in a group song on October 28th. If you are interested, please message Elsa Thomas.

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