Latest Edition of Malankara Sabha

Table of Contents

06 A Study on the Sacrament of Holy Confession : An Orthodox Perspective
11 Being Attuned to Hear God’s Call for Bearing Fruits
13 O Death! Where is Thy Sting
15 To Continue the Story of Resurrection
18 Pentecost Awakens To Be Hopeful About Our Life And
Our World Through The Holy Spirit
21 Beyond The ‘Surface Art’ Towards a Divine Future: Connections that bind three worlds that seem far apart – Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change and Neurothe- ology
24 St. Basil’s Ninth Homily of Hexaemeron & Its Signifi- cance for Eco-Theologies In India (Book Review)
26 St.Gregorios Dayabhavan: The House of Compassion
20 Christian Women And Nation Building: Feminine Migrant Health Workers of Central Travancore
33 Fr. Stan Swamy, ‘Martyr’ of Christ in The 21st Century
35 News