Sunday School Corner – April 21st

April 23rd, the NEAD Drawing competition will take place in the Sunday School class rooms immediately after lunch at 12:30. Please bring your choice of art material (colored pencil, crayon, marker etc..). The 8.5×11” paper will be provided. Therefore PK-6th grade will not have class.

Children in grades 7th-12th will meet in their regular areas/classrooms for class.

The qualifying quiz for children interested in being part of the Bible Quiz Team, will take place on June 4th after Sunday School. This will be a paper exam. The top 3 students will be part of the core team. We will also have 1 alternate. The competition will be held Oct 7, 2023.
Save the date for the High school retreat this Summer from July 19-22 which will be held at the Holy Transfiguration Center in Dalton, Pennsylvania.Save the date for our TALENT FEST 2023, Oct 28, 2023- Sunday School Day of Fellowship. It will be a day of fun, education & group song performances. Held at St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church (Unruh), Philadelphia, PA