Checklist for Great Lent

From Rev. Dr. Mathew C. Chacko

Check as many as apply under each topic.  You should (but need not) answer every topic.  This is a matter of your own conscience and your desire to grow spiritually. It is for you to have some spiritual goals. 

1.  Concerning my prayer life, each day I will commit to:
_____One 5- minute period of un-interrupted prayer
_____One five minute period every morning of un-interrupted prayer
_____One five minute period every evening of un-interrupted prayer
_____One five minute period each morning AND evening of un-interrupted prayer
_____Other:  Write in here 

2.  Concerning Worship during Great Lent:
_____I’ll commit to attending Divine Liturgy each Sunday
_____I’ll commit to attending ONE additional service each week during each week of Lent
_____I’ll commit to preparing and receiving Holy Communion at least once a week during Lent. 

3. Concerning Holy Week, I’ll commit to:
_____Every Service
_____Every Evening Service
_____One service each Day
_____Specifically Holy Thursday through to the Resurrection of Christ
_____Other (write in here)  

4.  Concerning Fasting, I’ll commit to:
____Level One: Fast from meat on Wednesday and Fridays and during Holy Week
____Level Two: Fast from meat and fish on Wednesdays and Friday and during Holy Week
____Level Three: Fast from meat the entirety of Lent and Holy  Week
____Level Four: Fast from meat and fish the entirety of Lent and Holy Week
____Level Five: Level Four plus no dairy products during Holy Week.
____Level Six: Level Four plus no dairy products on Wednesdays and Fridays and during Holy Week
____Level Seven: Level Four plus no dairy products during all of Lent and Holy Week
____Level Eight: Level Seven plus eliminate oil and wine during Holy Week
____Level Nine: The Strict Fast-no meat, fish, dairy products, wine  or oil during the entirety of Lent
____I can’t fast from food for health reasons.  I will do the following instead: (Write answer here) 

5.  Concerning reading the Bible, I’ll commit to:
_____Reading one chapter a day from some book of the Bible
_____Reading the daily readings on the Church Calendar
_____Reading the four Gospels
_____Reading the Psalms
_____Other (Write in)

 5.  Concerning confession,
____I’ll commit to going once during this Lenten period
____I’ve been recently to confession and don’t feel the need to go at this time.
____I’ll get more information on this sacrament and then make a decision. 6. 

6. Concerning bad habits, here are one or two or a few bad habits do my best to change this Lent
____Wasting time
____Not giving good effort at work/school/marriage/children
____Others: Write in here

7.  One spiritual goal I want to commit to once Holy Pascha has passed is:
Lord, help me to be successful in this task I am about to undertake.  May it be for the growth of my soul and the improvement of my spiritual life.  Help me to keep all these commitments I have made.  May I grow closer to You this Lent and through this covenant I am making with You.  Amen. 

After you’ve filled out your covenant, place it somewhere you’ll see it and on Monday, begin fulfilling your covenant as we begin the Great Lent. A blessed Great Lent to you… 
~Mathew Achen 
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