Sunday School Updates

SBGOC has been blessed with a great Sunday School thanks to God’s blessing and the work of all the principals, vice-principals, teachers, parents and especially wonderful students who have participated in this ministry over the years.

Since 2017, Biji George (Principal), Jolly Binu (Vice-Principal), and Suma Kunjumon (Vice-Principal) took up the heavy work of organizing our Sunday School. With the help of many dedicated teachers, they were able to help continue our long tradition of effective and good children’s ministry. Biji lead the way by organizing the teachers and coordinating with the diocesan and area administration. Suma helped to create a systematic lesson plan for Pre-K to 12th Grade that was invaluable for teachers to meet the diocesan goals. Jolly worked on organizing events and programs including charity projects and OVBS that benefited our children. We want to thank this team for all their continued hard work.  

Now, a new team is coming up to pick up where they left off.

Starting September 2020, the new Sunday School Admin team will be lead by Rosily Philip as principal and assisted by Elizabeth (Bindu) Thomas and Bini Varghese as Vice-Principals.

Please give the new team your support and help.