COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Attendance

SBGOC Re-Opening COVID-19 Response

Service Plans – Phase 2

UPDATED DATE: 7/3/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges that have not been faced in many generations. Thus, these unprecedented times call for caution and patience.  Current available research has shown that church services can be high risk events for the spread of COVID-19.  Large gatherings of people in an indoor space where people are singing poses greater risk for the transmission of this disease than other venues.  Singing releases more viral load into the air and spreads it farther than normal breathing or talking.  Thus, extra caution is needed in church services to reduce the risks of spreading this disease.  Though our parish will take precautions to reduce the risk of transmission, there is no way for us to eliminate this risk entirely.  Those who attend will need to be responsible about their own health and the impact of their attendance on the rest of our community. 

UPDATES: Attendance will be based on sign-up form (first come). At this time, the attendance will be capped at 30 people. If you have a special reason to attend (memorial, birthday, anniversary), please inform Vijay Achen. An email will be sent on Saturday to inform and confirm attendance for those who have signed up to attend.

Children will be allowed to attend but strict adherence to the guidelines is expected and the responsibility of the parents to enforce.

Conditions of Attendance:

  1. Compliance to the Government limitations on attendance will be followed.
  2. Those who have signs or symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend.
    • Per State Guidelines, before entering the Church, we will be checking everyone’s temperature.
    • Anyone is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 (high temperature, coughing, etc.) should not attend.
  3. Those who encounter anyone infected with COVID-19 should not attend. If you have been asked to quarantine due to exposure, please refrain from attendance.
  4. Those who have risks factors for COVID-19 are encouraged to remain home and watch through our live stream.
  5. All those who attend services will need to sign-in.  This will be done to help with contact tracing. If you attend and end up testing positive for COVID-19, you will be responsible to inform the CMC immediately so that we can inform the others who have attended the service for their safety and the safety of our community.

Safety Precautions

  1. Masks will be necessary for all attendees at all times.
    • UPDATED: It is not recommended for children under 2 years old to wear masks.  All other attendees will be expected to wear masks at all times.
    • If anyone experiences trouble breathing, they should move away from others and remove mask.
  2. You must cover your cough or sneeze. 
  3. Sanitize your hands often.
  4. Practice social distancing (6ft at a minimum – 12ft would be best).  Signs, markings on the floor, and ushers will locate where you can stand.  You should ensure that you are 6ft away from others. 
  5. The circulation of fresh air is important for the reduction of risk of spread.  Thus, exhaust fans will be turned on and windows will be kept open.  Exhaust fans in the church, hall, and bathroom will be turned on. Additional fans will be utilized to provide supply fresh air.
  6. No hugs or handshakes between attendees.
  7. Restrooms will be limited to one person at a time.
  8. There will not be any food or coffee in the church. 
  9. Attendees will enter and exit through the Grove Street entrances.
  10. No one will be permitted in the other areas of the church except to use the restrooms.

Safety Precautions During Service:

  1. Households/Families will stand together.  Separation of women and men will not be needed.
  2. Church prayer books can be used but should be wiped down before and after use. You may bring your own books from home. 
  3. Kiss of peace and kaimuthu will be “no touch”. A respectful bow/bend will be used.