Mid-lent Service


Due to NJ curfew of 8pm, the Mid-Lent service will be on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 6:30am.

Based on Nicholovos Thirumeni’s kalpana, the service will only be attended by achen and four acolytes.
The unfortunate necessities of the COVID-19 pandemic requires that our parish be socially responsible and limit the attendance of the services. The faithful must refrain from coming to the church. 
See the kalpana below. 

We will try to provide a live stream video of the service.  However, we have not tested live stream video from our parish.  So, we cannot guarantee this for the Mid-Lent service.  If we are able to provide the live stream, we will send a link through our parish WhatsApp group on Wednesday morning. 

Please pray at home and Vijay Achen will be praying for each family at the altar. May God heal our land quickly and allow us to return to the Church together. 

Please see the kalpana from Nicholovos Thirumeni on the new guidelines for services held in the Church at this time.


It is important that we keep focus on Christ during this difficult time. Thus, we would like to utilize our new website to post devotional messages written by our members. 

If you would like to contribute, please email Vijay Achen – vicar@sbgocnj.org

Resources for Great Lent: 

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